Weekend Pictures


SIENA — It’s about a 2 hour train ride north of Rome. It’s a very medieval-looking town and has a really large square at the center of it, the Piazza del Campo. My favorite part about the city was the Duomo, their cathedral built in the 1100s. It’s made out of black and white marble and it’s interior is seriously..wow. Look for yourself:

PISA — We pretty much went there to take pictures with the Leaning Tower. It’s a cute town with some shopping areas, but it’s not crazy busy like Rome is, so that was a nice change. When u walk down the street in Rome, you can either: 1) Walk down the middle of the street, but be on the lookout for cars and vespas behind you 2) Walk down the side of the street but run the risk of stepping in dog poop. In Pisa and Siena, we didn’t really have to worry about that, which was nice. Okay maybe there was some dog poop. My roommates and I tried to be creative when taking pictures with the leaning tower because, as you will see, everyone else looks like a nerd pretending to hold it up:

On the train ride back to Rome, we got to see some of the coast:

Waiting for the Rick-Steves-recommended restaurant to open in Siena:

More pictures in Rome: Visiting the Villa Farnesina, a Renaissance house built for the richest man in Rome (banker Agostino Chigi, originally from Siena!)

At San Pietro in Montorio, apparently where St. Peter was crucified? That’s why I took a picture of this hole:

And finally, us at the Hard Rock Cafe Roma. We realized that we’ve been meat-deficient, so we decided to get some steaks!


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