The Roman Regulars – Week 3


While walking around, I’ve seen a few people on a regular basis, kind of like neighbors. Really weird neighbors. First, there’s this whole group of people I always see, especially at touristy spots like Campo de Fiori or any of the historic sites around here. They all appear to be of the same ethnicity and they’re all doing the same thing: selling crap. We have the pen guys, mostly on Via del Giubbonari, who stand maybe 8 feet apart from one another, each with their own stand displaying pens. And sometimes watches. It’s best to ignore these guys when they talk to you. If I didn’t want a pen from the first 9 guys, why would I buy one of yours? In addition to the pen guys, there’s fake sunglasses guys, fake purse guys, colorful jewelry guys, gun that shoots bubbles guys, and the two I hate the most — singing stuffed animal guys and squishy toy that does nothing guys. If you ever visit here, you’ll see. And you’ll hate them all. Is that mean? Oh well.

But there are also a couple other regulars over here that I don’t mind seeing. There’s Michaela, everyone’s favorite. My professor told us that she used to be a nurse, but then her son died and she went crazy. We usually see her sitting around campo in a tan or bright red poncho. Once in a while she yells something to no one in particular. Oh, and the other day I saw her naked. Just sitting on the ground, naked, fixing her poncho. But I like her 🙂 There’s also Nicco who works at a restaurant nearby. He’s nice, friendly,  and has a talent for identifying which of us is Filipina (there’s 2 of us, usually people ask if we’re Japanese or Mexican). He eventually gave us a creepy vibe when he brought the chefs out of the ktichen to meet myself and the roommates and said, “3 guys, 5 girls. Is ok?”

There’s always people in the campo entertaining. Usually there’s a band or accordion player; it doesn’t matter because they all play the same 3 songs: “My Way”, “Strangers in the Night”, and “Volare”. They love their Frank Sinatra. Oh, and I can’t forget about the weird mime who does yoga in the campo with his “tranquility music”. Him I don’t like so much. Same with the xylophone player. The xylophone? Really?

But I guess without all these guys, this place wouldn’t be as interesting. So thank you to all the creeps, salesmen, and homeless people who make this city so wonderful.


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