A Picture Update


This is mostly pictures and not really any history because I don’t remember everything Ricardo told us. He knows too much, anyway. Any informational stuff accompanying the pictures is probably quoted from Rick Steves.

Gina, myself, and my pizza. (Capricciosa – ham, olives, artichokes. Very common. Very good)

Outside of Basilica San Clemente. A 12th century basilica on top of a 4th century basilica on top of a 2nd century temple to Mithras. It was amazingly old and…just plain amazing.

Ricardo’s class walking in the park. And look, the Colosseum again.

Blurry picture of the tomb of Pope Julius II. Michaelangelo never completed it because the pope said “Nevermind. Paint the Sistine Chapel instead.” It was supposed to be 3 stories high with 48 statues. But this alone was wowww.

Inside San Pietro in Vincoli – St. Peter-in-Chains

Trajan’s Column

This is Amber. She could carry me over her shoulder if she wanted to.

Going on a group outing. Amber, Erica, me, Katie, Gyaltsen. Laura & Gina are missing because they were in Paris. Boo hoo.

Myself and Gyaltsen aka “Jen”. She knows some of my friends back home, so that’s cool.


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