Happy Cleaning


Today was productie. Well actually, all I did was clean. That explains this picture — myself in my sweeping outfit: Broom + iPod + scarf around my face. You know, so I don’t inhale all the dust directly. That stuff is gross, I don’t care if I look like a dork. I also cleaned the kitchen, did some laundry, and bought groceries today. It’s kind of funny, because I never do this stuff at home and today it actually gave me joy to be cleaning. It must be the water over here. In addition to today’s feeling of satisfaction, I also experienced my 2nd unpleasant experience in Rome. And both times it was at the Punto SMA grocery store near here. It’s really useful to be able to walk to the store in a couple minutes to restock on Nutella, salami, bread, pesto, and cheese (is that all you eat Krystal? Yes, pretty much. Except when Amber makes dinner or we all go out for middle-of-the-night gelato). But when we go there we often get the “Silly American, Rome is for Italians” vibe. It’s those cashiers, man. There’s usually 1, maybe 2 aisles open for checkout. The cashiers sit in chairs the whole time and make you bag your own groceries. So you’d think they’d be in pretty good moods because they don’t have to do anything. But no, today one of the cashiers made me feel kind of stupid, all because of some 5 euro cents I owed her. I didn’t have 5 cents so I tried to give her 50 cents & maybe get some change, but she wouldn’t take it. Then the next woman in line gave me 5 cents to help out, but the cashier took it out of my hand and gave it back to the lady like, “Don’t bother, forget about it, she doesn’t understand”. So I just stood there, confused, and she didn’t even give me a plastic bag to put my stuff in because apparently I didn’t buy enough. But anyway, good thing that’s the worst thing that’s happened to me over here. I feel dumb complaining about it, but I tend to get bothered by little things.



One Response to “Happy Cleaning”

  1. 1 Emmy

    hey, that’smy scarf! and btw, that cashier is a bitch!

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