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SIENA — It’s about a 2 hour train ride north of Rome. It’s a very medieval-looking town and has a really large square at the center of it, the Piazza del Campo. My favorite part about the city was the Duomo, their cathedral built in the 1100s. It’s made out of black and white marble […]

My roommate says I’m like an ostrich. You know, how they hide their head in the sand when they’re scared, thinking that their body is hidden too — although I’ve recently found out that this isn’t true and the man who started the myth is, ironically, Roman. Apparently this guy wasn’t all that smart because while Mt. […]

This is usually the point in the quarter where students start to get lazy, lose focus, and do nothing. And I’m no exception. Even now, I’m struggling as I write this because my brain is just…slower. What’s sad is that I haven’t even been working that hard — our teachers understand that the “allure of […]

This is mostly pictures and not really any history because I don’t remember everything Ricardo told us. He knows too much, anyway. Any informational stuff accompanying the pictures is probably quoted from Rick Steves. Gina, myself, and my pizza. (Capricciosa – ham, olives, artichokes. Very common. Very good) Outside of Basilica San Clemente. A 12th […]

While walking around, I’ve seen a few people on a regular basis, kind of like neighbors. Really weird neighbors. First, there’s this whole group of people I always see, especially at touristy spots like Campo de Fiori or any of the historic sites around here. They all appear to be of the same ethnicity and […]

Happy Cleaning


Today was productie. Well actually, all I did was clean. That explains this picture — myself in my sweeping outfit: Broom + iPod + scarf around my face. You know, so I don’t inhale all the dust directly. That stuff is gross, I don’t care if I look like a dork. I also cleaned the […]

I was the last to arrive at our apartment, and therefore I have the smallest room. But I was grateful at the same time because at one particular spot in the room, you can connect to UW’s wireless internet. Our building is literally right next door to the UW Rome Center, and although some students […]